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Turtle Quotes

Turtles always strike me as devastatingly serious. If turtles could talk, I'd believe everything they said.
'Turtleneck', by Erin O'Brien

...in books

All the thoughts of a turtle are turtle.
Journal, '5/9 1854', by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The turtle lives 'twixt plated decks
Which practically conceal its sex.
I think it clever of the turtle
In such a fix to be so fertile.
'The Turtle', by Odgen Nash

Oh, a very useful philosophical animal, your average tortoise. Outrunning metaphorical arrows, beating hares in races... very handy.
Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett

The rareness of meeting a Buddha is compared with the difficulty of a blind sea- turtle finding a log to float on, or a one-eyed tortoise finding a log with a spy-hole through it.
Chinese proverbs, by Soothill

...in music / radio

[A good friend of mine has said] There's this feeling that people who aren't religious are kind of cold and uncreative. His point is that any five year old can make up Adam and Eve or the world on the back of a turtle, or any of the creation myths, whereas the "creativity" comes in things like black holes, which are so much harder to think up, and you can prove.
Penn Radio, (Richard Dawkins interview), by Penn Jillette

Caught up in a whirlwind, can't catch my breath
Knee deep in hot water, broke out in a cold sweat
Can't catch a turtle in this rat race
Feels like I'm losin' time at a breakneck pace
Tightrope, by Stevie Ray Vaughan

...in film

Who brings a tortoise to a gunfight?
Hodges, in CSI, 'Kill Me If You Can' 

Gus, don't be a giant snapping turtle! We'll have a case in ... 5 minutes.
Shawn, in Psych, Episode 203: 65 Million Years Off 

[Bandit] I got you boxed in like a turtle's belly
Sheriff Buford T. Justice, in Smokey and the Bandit II 

Dance, you mud turtles. Dance!
Slave driver, in The Ten Commandments (1956)