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Welcome to Tom's Wiki!

(More to come as I feel fit...)

Feel free to create an account and add to the pages. In fact, I really want you to comment on the Talk pages for the articles! Don't worry, I'm not going to sell your e-mail address to buccaneers or start sending you photos of some celebutante's best friend's aunt's cat. Honest!

I may be locking the database soon to registered users only to prevent spam from anonymous users. Feel free to comment on the User talk:WikiSysop page if you disagree with that policy.

Featured Articles

Project pages

Iconpack for Trillian and JISP clients
The Pack Rat
Skin config utility for Trillian
SETi Unthemed
The next version of the Trillian skin, SETi


Scientific articles I've co-authored
Teenage Mutant Karate Clover
Mutant clovers, need I say more? I do plan on moving the rest of the previous clover page over here.
Ideas for World Domination
A mad scientist has to write these things down or he might forget them after all
Miscellaneous quotes
I'm putting new quotes here. Haven't moved things over from the old page, but I like the formatting / templates better here.
Turtles on The Simpsons
There are an awful lot of them and I didn't see anyone else making this page, so I thought I would
Turtle News
News about turtles. Currently on hiatus, but I'll probably start it up again soon.


Galleries of images I've posted
RanTom Thoughts
The new home for my Rants
Current Projects
What I'm currently reading / doing
Reviews on various topics (mostly books)