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Turtle News/Archive001

Exploding Turtles, Oh my!

Sprinkler being recalled


Ross Stores is recalling about 1,800 turtle-shaped sprinklers.

Hazard: The turtle’s body can fill with water, causing it to crack or explode, posing a laceration hazard to consumers.

Talk about shell shock! (What? You didn't like the pun? Too overused? OK, OK I'll try harder next time.)

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Become a sea turtle!


Every tuesday from 10:30-11:30am bring your hatchlings(2-4yrs) to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for Turtle Tales, an hour of turtle inspired stories and crafts.

I wish I could go! (Well, except for the hatchlings part. I just want to hear the turtle tales. The book they're doing next is already on my Amazon Wishlist. *hint*) However, I'm seriously disappointed no transformation is actually occurring! :(

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Two Headed Turtle Confusion

The turtle on the Late Show

I'd like to clear up some confusion.

A video has (re)surfaced this week of a two-headed turtle on the Late Show. This video is from February and is not to be confused with the recent turtles in the news from Geneva, PA or NY. Apparently someone did a 'net search after hearing about the PA one in the news, found the old video, and believed it was the new turtle.

You may return to your regularly scheduled programming now.

--Tometheus-sig.png Tometheus (talk) 17:05, 7 October 2007 (CDT)

Rhythmbits - New Dancing Turtle Robot from Tomy

Rhythmbits by Tomy


Following on the success of Walkiebits, Tomy has released Rhythmbits

They look like Walkiebits, but are manipulated by infrared light from a nearby controller. This controller differentiates high sounds from low sounds and commands the turtles accordingly.

They come in six colors and are priced at 1,575 yen (US$13.61). (From the video it appears you can customize the shells.)

webpage>> (Japanese, with a short video)

Twin-turtle Shell Shock

DUAL CONTROLS: Jekyll & Hyde, conjoined diamondback turtles found at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, share six legs and a shell. --New York Post


Another conjoined turtle in the news this week, this time a Diamondback Turtle found in Queens.

The conjoined diamondback turtles, barely bigger than a thumbnail, were found 12 days ago at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, said Hofstra University Associate Professor of Biology Russell Burke.
Jekyll & Hyde "is a really weird animal" with six legs, two heads, two tails and one shell, he said.
Chemical pollution could be responsible for the mutation, but the most likely explanation is "it happened completely naturally - because every reproduction event is a toss of the dice," Burke said.
--New York Post

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Two-Headed Turtle Displayed in Suburban Philadelphia Pet Store

2007.09.28, 13:56 (CDT)

Sept. 26: The two-headed red slider turtle, held by store manager Jay Jacoby at Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter in East Norriton, Pa. -Fox News

The biggest turtle news this week is that another two-headed turtle has shown up this week.

A two-headed red slider turtle was at Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter. With all of the oddities inside the store, the turtle could almost fit into a sideshow department, NBC 10's Doug Shimell reported.
The yet-to-be-named turtle has two heads on opposite sides of its shell, four front legs, two back legs and a combined tail. -MSNBC

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Stephen Colbert's Favorite Turtle Missing After Great Race

2007.09.19, 04:43 pm ET

Shortly after snagging 2nd place in the Great Turtle Race, the leatherback turtle "Stephanie Coburtle" went missing and she has been "offline" for more than 100 days, it was announced today.

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Albino Turtle Draws Visitors at Indian Zoo

Yellow turtle at Nandana Kanan Zoo.


Now here's a case where being a mutant gets you worshiped instead of ostracized.

“We got to know that villagers were worshipping a special creature at Pakhimunda village near Satyabadi in Puri district during December last year. When we went there, we found that the creature, being worshipped is a turtle, which is yellow in colour,” [...] Wildlife experts believed the turtle lacked excess melanin for which it turned yellowish with soft shell.

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Arkansans asked to help count turtles

2007.04.23, 5:15 PM ET

On slow summer days, counting box turtles is one way to enjoy the outdoors. The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission is asking Arkansans to help with a survey of the animals to determine just how common, or rare, they are.[1][2] There has never been a statewide survey of box turtles.

Maryland scientists in 2004 determined that the eastern box turtle populations were declining, and they blamed habitat destruction, road deaths and mowers and other land-clearing machinery among the causes. The animals also once were exported extensively as pets, a trade that was banned in 1994.

Starting in May, the Arkansas commission is asking anyone spotting the reptiles in their yards or elsewhere to report their findings online or by calling the commission.

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Turtle race being tracked on the Web

2007.04.15, 11:22 PM ET

Biologists will switch on satellite trackers strapped to the backs of 11 female leatherback turtles on Monday, starting what conservationists have dubbed the "Great Turtle Race" to raise awareness of a species threatened with extinction.

Sponsored by U.S. and Costa Rican environmental groups and businesses, the race will track the turtles on their annual 1,200 mile journey from Costa Rica's Pacific coast to the Galapagos Islands.

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