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Trillian Projects

Tom Elmer's Trillian projects page.

Hey... I have a newsfeed going now, since someone begged me... (If you don't have Trillian Pro, check out Feedreader for a free newsreader.)


Skin Randomizer Plugin

After a request on the forums, I decided to whip this together. Basically it just randomly chooses a new skin for the next time you load Trillian.

I'm going to be putting the source for this up on TrillDev@Sourceforge soon.

(Has been outdated by The 'Pack Rat's randomization features, see below.)
2006.07.11 - 32.75 KB
Skin randomizer plugin. Unzip to your Trillian/plugins folder and ADD the randomizer.dll in Trillian's plugin preferences.

The Configurator

Global SkinPlugins and The Configurator. (beta version) Global SkinPlugins allow multiple skins to share the same settings for emoticons, sounds, etc. The Configurator is a generalized skin configuration utility that implements Global SkinPlugins as well as profiles, etc.
(Global SkinPlugins are outdated by The 'Pack Rat skinpack changer.)

The 'Pack Rat

The 'Pack Rat is a Trillian SkinPack changer for Trillian versions 2.0 and above. (Essentially this replaces the Global SkinPlugins concept and the skin randomizer plugn.)

Originally designed for a small app for skinners to include in their skins to set skinpacks to fit their skins, it has developed into useful little utility for end users as well. See the webpage for details.

Trillian Event Extender (Mr. TEE, F.K.A. Trillkey)

2006.07.11 - 123.67 KB
TrillKey is now at version 3.00.01
2006.07.11 - 34.83 KB
Previous version
2006.07.11 - 24.46 KB
Older version of TrillKey for Trillian version 0.6x

View Documentation

Public SVG Icon Set

See the Forum thread


An IconPack for Trillian 3.0/3.1. Based on the Public SVG Icon Set, to show what you can do with it. (larger preview) Use The Configurator to switch the iconpack.

2006.07.11 - 1.09 MB
The iconpack
2006.07.11 - 5.33 KB
The NSIS installer script to help other pack devs start releasing them.

Trillian Skins

SETi WindowBlinds port


SETi has it's own webpage!

BlueTurtle (a.k.a. Dream of the Blue Turtles)

[Download Here]

Feeling the blues... Look in config.dtd to set skin preferences. (Also comes in Red and Green, with lighter variations!)

Go to the new BlueTurtle Page to test out BlueTurtle 1.0... a work in progress.