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NOTE: The mailing list is currently disabled while I try to find an alternate option.

What is The Configurator? First, it's NOT a skin generator and it is not a program to insert code into skins, a la the emoticon installer.

[screencap] But what IS The Configurator? The configurator is a utility to allow skinners to make their skins configurable with little or no programming knowlege. It also allows a common place for users to be able to change settings for all their skins without having to search for programs, etc. Even if a skinner wants to make their own config utlity, they can simply create a link to it through The Configurator so a user can access it easily. (See the link to the maker.exe in MBG version 1 for an example.)

[screencap] Each skin can fully customize The Configurator's settings. The configurator offers controls for checkboxes, edit boxes, text, numbers, colors, fonts, comboboxes, etc. Simple output is created automatically, but a skinner can create customized output for each control.

[screencap] [screencap] The Configurator is SkinChooser on steroids. Even if a skinner hasn't made their skin specifically Configurator compatible, it still has the capability of viewing and setting text colors for the skin.
The configurator also allows you to view, edit, and set the active skin for your Trillian profiles.

[screencap] [screencap] Global SkinPlugins allow multiple skins to share the same settings for emoticons, sounds, etc. (I've removed the Trillian plugin, since it's no longer needed.)
The Configurator also creates a standardized interface to allow skinners to make plugins specifically for their skins.
Note on included plugins: Permissions to use most of the included plugins were given for the SETi skin, but were given in such a way that use elsewhere was OK as long as credit was given. (which it is in all cases.) I'm assuming permissions still apply unless the authors state otherwise.

[screencap] [screencap] Along with Global SkinPlugins, The Configurator allows skinners to use the Profile concept introduced in SETi. Users can save personalized settings for their skins that show up as separate skins in the SkinChooser.
Also, The Configurator supports themes for the skins, allowing settings for theme files also. As with everything else, Profiles and Themes can be disabled at the skinner's discretion.

So give it a try. Download the installer below and install to a folder under your Trillian folder then install the skin updates below for your favorite skins. Open up The Configurator and off you go... Enjoy

[screencap] I've removed the Trillian Plugin since the functionality is all available from the stand-alone program and you can put a link to the stand-alone using the LaunchMe plugin in Trillian. (Why take up your memory with my plugin when you can have another one that does other things? ;) ) Also, Configurator enhanced skins can use Trillian 2.0's Advanced Settings button to launch The Configurator now.

Hey... I have a newsfeed going now, since someone begged me... http://tometheus.com/Trillian/rss.xml If you don't have Trillian Pro, check out Feedreader for a free newsreader. Also, The Configurator now has a mailing list

The Configurator's files
(Highlighted files have been updated within the last month.)
Readme files
2006.07.11 - 89.76 KB
The Full Documentation
Getting Started A getting started guide by CPAGirlNC.
Skinners' Tutorials See below... (before the feedback form)
2006.07.11 - 461.58 KB
version 0.26.01 main installation file
0.26On modern operating systems, launches the 'Pack Rat for Trillian Advanced Settings now. Also a few other features / fixes.
Version history
known bugs
feedback form
(Installer created with NSIS)
2006.07.11 - 1.43 MB
Installer plus global plugins. This installer includes the global skin plugins for skins that support them.
Beta versions
Older versions
2006.07.11 - 398.7 KB
version 0.25.1
2006.07.11 - 374.73 KB
version 0.23.1
2006.07.11 - 371.47 KB
version 0.22.4
2006.07.11 - 220.84 KB
version 0.21
2006.07.11 - 211.1 KB
version 0.20
Configurator Enhanced Skins / Updates
2006.07.25 - 997 B
Settings file to allow JavaGeek's MBG (version 1) to use The Configurator. (Requires The Configurator version 14+.) (Unzip to the MBG directory.) NOTE: The Configurator doesn't support multiple images in the SkinViewer yet, so you'll lose that information!) ("Why version 1" you ask? Because MBG 2 didn't come with the MAKER.EXE and I can't find the website anymore... Here is Configurator_MBG2.zip for version 2... but it's boring.)
2006.07.11 - 208.79 KB
[screencap] Settings file to allow Md's MdXP2 to use The Configurator. (Requires The Configurator version 14+.) (Unzip to the MdXP directory.) This download is so large because I also included preview bitmaps for each of the themes.
2006.07.11 - 16.28 KB
Settings file to allow Cubbie's Microscopic Pro 2.0 to use The Configurator. This update also allows MicroscopicPro to use profiles. (Unzip to the MicroscopicPro directory.)
Microscopic Open Edition The latest version of Microscopic comes with a configurator.ini file and downloads / installs The Configurator core files from the install file.
Aikon3 Aikon3, by juz, was released with TC enhancement. Theme designers are encouraged to use TC to set their colors using the /showhidden mode to reveal the hidden theme settings.
HmmXP [screencap] HmmXP, by stev02, is the first stixe-based skin to be TC enhanced.
BlueTurtle BlueTurtle 1.0 is being designed to use The Configurator.
SETi SETi updates after 2003.04.01 can use The Configurator. (check the SETi page)
Skinners' Tutorials
Why? You're a skinner and you're asking yourself, "Why should I use The Configurator for my skin instead of developing my own?"
2006.07.11 - 3.1 KB
A quick file I whipped up to help skinners figure out how to enable global plugins in their skins...
Getting started tutorial Tutorial for the beginning of your own Configurator.ini file for your skin (will finish after finals.)
Send Comments / Upload File
Go to the new Feedback Form or click Help-->Send Feedback in The Configurator.