TrillKey, the Trillian Event Extender

Version: Date: 2005.10.01 by Tometheus

Why am I here?
If you arrived here after launching TrillKey that means you didn't supply a command-line parameter to TrillKey. Read the documentation for instructions on how to set it up.

TrillKey is a stand-alone program to perform certain operations in Trillian. (Useful for making HotKeys.) This has only been extensively tested in Trillian v0.7x and 3.0 (Basic and Pro). Since Cerulean Studios has not released an official EXTERNAL API yet, this isn't guaranteed to work with any other versions. It will NOT work with versions before 0.70. (There is an older version for use in Trillian 0.63 if, for some reason, you want that.) Unfortunately, since TrillKey is a stand-alone program and not a plugin, it will only work with one copy of Trillian loaded in memory (for now).

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NOTE: This is NOT a Trillian plugin. Do NOT try to load it in the plugin section.

There are several ways you can use TrillKey. 1) set up an advanced event in Trillian. (AKA 'Automation') 2) create a shortcut to TrillKey with whatever arguments you want in the target / command line. 3) run it from the run dialog in windows. Use a hotkey program like WinKey

To set up an event in Trillian 0.7-2.0 go to:
preferences --> events --> advanced --> new

To set up an event in Trillian 3.0 go to
preferences --> advanced preferences --> automation --> add --> automation

  event type: hotkey
  action type: execute program
  program: TrillKey of course :)
  parameters: see below

As of TrillKey 3.00.00, multiple commands can be sent to TrillKey at once. To facilitate this, the 'delay' command was added to allow a pause between commands.


Usage: TRILLKEY [active] <command> [<modifier>]

Command ModifierDescription
active NEW: Only perform the following commands if a Trillian window is the active window
delay <secs> NEW: Add a delay between commands
ident NEW: My Identity Information
history NEW: My Activity History
alerts NEW: Toggle systray alerts
help NEW: Trillian Help
awaymsg "message" NEW: Set away message. (Message is required.) Surround the message with quotes ("")
awayedit Away Messages Preferences
away+ Add Away Message
preferences Preferences
connect Connection manager
reconnect Reconnect globally
disconnect Disconnect globally
sound Toggle global sounds
top Toggle GLOBAL 'Always on Top' (see AOT command below for per-window setting)
togglebuddy Toggle buddy list
showbuddy Bring Buddy List to foreground
exit Exit Trillian (must be the last command)
(for the delayed exit like earlier versions, use the new delay command: TRILLKEY delay <secs> exit
launch -l<file> Launches Trillian or does nothing if Trillian already started
-Looks for trillian.exe in the current folder or uses Trillian's registry entry or looks for the default install path
NEW: TrillKey launch -l<file> will launch whatever file you specify if Trillian isn't started already
winamp start/stop winamp and toggle Trillian sounds
dock Toggle Docking (No longer works in 3.0)
dock -d[top/bot/left/right/o] Docking position ('o' toggles docking) (No longer works in 3.0)
offline Toggle offline contacts (No longer works in 3.0)
send [medium] [name] Opens a message window to [name]
temporarily disabled in 3.0 while I figure out a new way to do it


Usage: TRILLKEY [active] <command> <window class> [<modifier>]

active NEW: Only perform the following commands if a Trillian window is the active window
aot -on
Set 'Always on Top' setting
show/restore show window(s)
hide hide window(s)
NOTE: Trillian won't show these windows using Trillian's View menu once they're hidden. To show these windows, either use TrillKey's 'show' command or a skin that has a 'You're On' (connections) control on the contact list.
toggle NEW: shows / hides window(s) based on whether more of the windows were hidden or visible.
minimize minimize window(s)
trans <percent>set transparency on window(s) (rounds to the nearest 10%). Leave modifier blank to turn transparency off.
timestamp -on
Turn on/off timestamping
clickthrough <percent>toggle clickthrough (*) Now with an optional transparency percent. (Transparency isn't optional, but the modifier is optional.)
Note, this is best used with the desired window set to always-on-top.
You can get back to the window by using alt-tab.
multiim send messages to multiple windows (**)
Window Class
all Do command on all recognized open windows
forceall Force TrillKey to do command on all Trillian windows (i.e. the 'all' behavior of previous versions)
Do command on the contact list
Do command on all open private message windows
Do command on all open channels (AKA group chats/conferences)
Do command on all file transfer windows
container <name>Do command on all containers
If <name> is provided, it performs command only on container specified (can be 'current')
current Do command on the current window
console Do command on all open consoles
   examples: TRILLKEY hide private - hides all private message windows
             TRILLKEY trans all 50 - sets all windows to 50% transparency
             TRILLKEY time channel on - turns timestamp on on all channels
             TRILLKEY multiim private - sends to all private message windows
             TRILLKEY multiim container IRC - sends to all windows in 'IRC'

What is a TrillKey?
A 'trill key' is a real device found on certain wind instruments. I used to want to be a clarinet/sax player :) I thought the name was appropriate for a program to make hotkeys for Trillian features.

TrillKey by Tom Elmer <>, © 2001 - 2005
Mailing List:

TrillKey icon designed by Kid at DesignHazard

Trillian by Cerulean Studios © 1999 - 2005

(*) Clickthrough

Clickthrough is a feature that allows you to set a window on top of everything, set it with a level of transparency, and work with windows underneath it as if the top window didn't exist. NOTE: Only works in win2k/XP

(**) MultiIM

OK, this is a feature I designed to send messages to multiple people/channels, before Cerulean Studios added Mass Messaging to Trillian 1.0. Note that this version of mass messaging allows you to send messages to channels as well as contacts. Also, it will send the message to any window you can open. (So you can still send messages to offline contacts too on mediums that support offline messages.) This method requires you to open windows to the people you want to message as opposed to selecting them on the contact list like CS's method uses. (This was basically a way to prevent spamming.)

  1. Set up your hotkey first
    preferences --> events --> advanced --> new --> hotkey, execute program
    program: TrillKey of course :)
    parameters: multiim private, multiim channel, or multiim container
  2. Open all windows you want to send a message to
    alternately, you can put all recipient windows in a container. using 'multiim container current' sends all messages to all message/channel windows in the current container. 'multiim current' should also work.
    Note: 'multiim all' will send the message to all windows and 'multiim container' (without specifying a name or 'current') will send the message to all windows within all containers.
  3. type a message in the editbox for one of the windows
  4. press your hotkey
  5. press OK :)

For an example, I use ctrl-alt-enter to send a message to all private message windows and ctrl-shift-enter to send a message to all channel windows.

Version History

3.01.00 (2005.10.01)
Fixed: Problem where the delay option was causing 100% CPU usage on some systems.
Added: Window type - 'file' transfer
Added: Per-window Always on Top setting ("aot")
Modified: Clickthrough now also sets the window to always-on-top
Modified: timestamp now uses '-' in front of the modifier
Now with an installer!
Modified: Made 'clickthrough' a little more foolproof by forcing a transparency set, added optional modifier to set the level.
Modified: Commands on 'all' windows no longer operate on unrecognized windows.
Added: 'forceall' window type forces TrillKey to operate on all Trillian windows (i.e. use the 'all' behavior of previous versions)
Added: 'toggle' toggles the hidden state of the specified windows (checks if more windows are visible or hidden.)
Added: 'message' as an alias for 'private' and 'chat' / 'conference' as aliases for 'channel'.
Fixed: bug with -l not being skipped in the launch command if Trillian was loaded.
Fixed: Current container commands should work if a container is (somehow) set AOT.
Added: Can now supply multiple commands
Added: active - only perform the following commands if the user is currently in a Trillian window.
Added: delay - adds a delay between commands.
Added: awaymsg - Set the away message to a custom string
Added: help - Trillian help
Added: ident - (3.0) My Identity Information
Added: alerts - Toggle Systray Alerts
Added: history - (3.0) My Activity History
Added: Throws away first argument if it is 'TrillKey'. (For all those who couldn't figure it out)
Added: Launch now looks in the default Trillian install directory also.
Changed: Should be unicode friendly now
Changed: Command line supports quoted arguments
Changed: 'Current' window detection uses GetForegroundWindow rather than the top of the z-order (fixes problems with always-on-top windows)
Changed: a few modifiers use a '-modifier' format now to make multiple commands easier.
Changed: New icon designed by Kid
Fixed: support for 2.0+ message windows (and containers)
Fixed: Multi-IM for 2.0+
Fixed: support for 3.0 contact lists without an iconholder
Disabled: Send message (need to figure out the new way to do it in 3.0)
Disabled: toggle offline contacts message no longer works in 3.0
Disabled: docking commands no longer work in 3.0
Uses a new icon made by Kid

2.0 (unreleased)
Added option to LAUNCH alternate program (i.e. TAB)
Started work on 2.0 window support.


.13 send [aim/icq/yahoo/msn/irc] [name]   Opens a message window to [name]
    Start/stop winamp & toggle Trillian sounds
.12 revived global away/back
  added container name functionality
  timestamp works in containers & with always-on-top contacts
  changed container MultiIM functionality... 
     must specify 'current' or a name to send to only one container
  with the above change, multiim all and multiim current should work correctly
  added 'attach' command
.11 Docking re-enabled, stabilized  (toggle offline contacts stabilized also)
  (Just don't name your chatroom or container '<something> console')
  Also, made the parameter identification a little looser
    - most commands can be shortened to 3 or 4 letters

MULTI-IM feature
  .04 Option to send messages to windows in containers
  .03 Sends <RETURN> directly to window rather than to keyboard stream
  .02 fixed to work when contact list is always-on-top
      Thanks to Arguile for helping me test this...
.00 Turn TIMESTAMP on/of/default
changed createprocess to ShellExecute

LAUNCH no longer requires being in the Trillian directory. (uses registry entry)
BUGFIX: I hate it when I mess up... Half of the options were disabled when a flag was set incorrectly
Added MINIMIZE option. (Maximize doesn't work due to Trillian's handling of it.)
Changed system() to createprocess() to avoid that pesky command window.
Cleaned up documentation a bit.
TrillKey w/o arguments now launches trillkey.txt instead of the information window.
BUGFIX: Contact list options didn't work in most skins after 0.71.06 (my fault :) )
Toggle CLICKTHROUGH on windows (works with transparencies in Win2k / XP)

Toggle DOCKING, change docking positions
Set TRANSPARENCY on buddy list
Time delayed Trillian EXIT
Features only available for BlueTurtle, MdXP v6.9+, or modified skins:
Ability to hide, show, and set transparency on all Trillian windows, all windows of a certain class (i.e. all message windows), or only on the current window.

SHOW/HIDE buddy list
LAUNCH Trillian (or do nothing if already launched)