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This is a list of the updates I need to make for SETi Unthemed. To discuss this list, please use the talk page. The latest version of SETi Unthemed can be found here

NOTE: I haven't added in Astra features just yet.. I'm trying to focus on the SysColorDTD for now. However, feel free to add the missing features on the talk page and I'll add them to the list if I plan on adding them.

Please do NOT pass out this link without my permission, particularly posting it on forums.

(I'm not exactly hiding it since anyone who peruses the wiki's recent changes will see it, but I don't want any link to the wiki passed out without permission until I'm ready to release. Especially since I'm hoping to get everything moved over to at some point.)


  • Merge in all of the old update (plugin) code to make it a 3.1+ only skin as a starting base.
  • Autoscale font sizes depending on the user's system settings

Bad colors

  • Tab text colors --Tometheus 13:14, 15 November 2006 (EST)
  • Menu hilight colors for Win XP --Tometheus 13:14, 15 November 2006 (EST)
    • Need to check the foreground color still
    • Look into SETi:WindowBlinds-style hilights for Astra
    • Modify SysColorDTD to check if the OS supports the menu color option, if not, use 'select'. --Tometheus 13:14, 15 November 2006 (EST)
  • File transfer windows
  • Check all titles / subtitles
    • Template needs to use 'subtitle'
    • Transfers ned to use subtitle
  • Disabled menu items fixed, I think. Have to wait for Astra to come back up --Tometheus 09:33, 18 November 2006 (EST)
  • What can I do about the link color in the editbox?
  • Template window is missing detail colors in the preview window
  • Tooltip colors


  • Fix buddy icon mode in systray alerts for Astra
  • Scrollbar buttons regionmap is bugged
  • Check out why the bottom resize anchor is messed up
    • in transfer bars
  • Jabber windows don't have a phase button
  • Transfer window medium switcher uses the old icons.

Need to add

All windows

  • Menus
  • Status bar
  • Check minimum window sizes

Message / channels

  • Audio/video controls
  • From: To:
  • In Astra use real drop shadows in editbox / buddy icon

Tabbed container windows

  • Buddy icon
  • Typing indicator
  • Encrypted icon

Contact list

  • Search box for Astra
  • Profile panel
  • Panels so I can do the video stuff

Toolbar buttons missing

  • Audio chat / video buttons
  • (just go through the iconpack's toolbar to see what's needed)

Systray notifications

  • Add more icons... from iconpack or create them as before?

Undecided new features

  • List layout options?
  • Interfaces?
  • 'Real' tabs on the tabbed containers

Trillian bugs?

  • Editbox size in tabbed containers

User Requests

  • Non-ugly Astra tab icon (waiting on a future build to test "all" window updates)

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