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This is a quick little application to get the system colors and write a DTD from them.

For an example of how it's used, see SETi Unthemed

Please do NOT pass out this link without my permission, particularly posting it on forums.

(I'm not exactly hiding it since anyone who peruses the wiki's recent changes will see it, but I don't want any link to the wiki passed out without permission until I'm ready to release. Especially since I'm hoping to get everything moved over to at some point.)

Updates needed

  • Create defaults for non-OS supported options, such as menu highlight --Tometheus 14:02, 15 November 2006 (EST)
    • Test whether using the active caption color would work for links
  • Write some quick documentation
  • Add /silent command line
  • Make the default a pure general purpose DTD
  • For additional features for Trillian:
    • just detect the syscolors.ini file as it currently does?
    • Add /extended command line?
    • Look in the current filepath to see if Trillian is in a parent directory?
    • Don't need to write gradients. That can be done with skinmath.
    • Choose a 'blue' color for activity?
  • Create icons for it
  • Screenshots
  • Add a hex output mode
  • Check if XP has alpha values on colors as well. (MSDN doesn't show a GetAValue)
  • If in Trillian mode, write the current Trillian version
  • Add the desktop font color.

Undecided options

  • Write the OS version?
  • Write other system metrics
    • caption height
    • largefonts
    • Font sizes
    • etc.