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Entertaining read. I can see why certain of my friends like it. (In the vein of classic Heinlein.)

Unfortunately, either my sensibilities have changed or this one is more misogynistic than others. It's disappointing how his female character is essentially only there for the male characters to save. (Then they can fall in love with the protagonist male and etc, etc.) It shows up a lot in books of that era, but in Heinlein I've overlooked it in the past because I in general enjoy his stories.

In other stories, such as Friday, his females develop more fully as daring and powerful characters, but in most cases, their most powerful weapon is still their sex. Unfortunately, I can't say this is untrue even our society today. The most powerful weapon women yield is sex when dealing with a patriarchal society. One can't be accused of misogynism when one writes what one sees in the society, can one?

--Tometheus 13:10, 13 October 2006 (EDT)|