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The plotline superficially reminds me a lot of the Mars storyline in Babylon 5... and just about every other story that involves Mars colonists. However, it's the metastory that makes it interesting. The "what if?" that is posited by Bear. "What if there was a new branch of mathematics that could remove the infinities from Quantum Mechanics?" In such a universe, Heisenberg is no longer the cruel ruler that we see. The Uncertainty Principle is no longer a stumbling block to teleportation. We could move Mars itself.....

This is what I like about a lot of Bear stories. His "what if?" postulations and answers are so interesting to me, as a scientist, that the story itself is often left by the wayside.

This story is in the same universe as Queen of Angels and Heads. One of my favorite Bear novels and one of my least favorite, respectively. However, this book was so interesting that it made me pull Heads out of the bookcase to reread it, just to see it in a different light.

--Tometheus 11:32, 13 October 2006 (EDT)