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Ok, people have been asking for these, so, being the nice guy I am (no comment) I decided to comply and give people the opportunity to see me in various forms of photographic bliss. (Sure.... that made sense...) More pictures will be added as time goes by.

Following my pictures are pictures and links of my friends and family. (Wow!! They're even alphabetized!) Or, if you don't really feel like seeing all those (dare I honor them all by saying 'insane'?) people, skip to the end. There's now a section of a few selections of my art.

Have fun :)



Pictures of me

| My first stuffed animal: Myrtle the Turtle
Date: 1974
Taken by: Kathy Elmer

| Picture taken soon before first grade
| (Muskogee, OK)
Date: 1980?

| Picture taken at the Oklahoma City Zoo
| (Oklahoma City, OK)
Date: 198x?
Taken by: Kathy Elmer (Whitehead)

| High school senior picture
| (Mesa Grande Academy, Calimesa, CA)
Date: 1991 Nov
Taken by: House of Portraits
Edited by James McNeill

| Department Picture 1994
| La Sierra University Physics Department
Date: 1994 Oct
Taken by: Dr. Ed Karlow

| Department Picture 1995
| La Sierra University Physics Department
Date: 1995 Oct
Taken by: Dr. Ed Karlow

We call this the 'Great Turtle Spirit Dance'
| Trip around the US with Jana before she moved
| Just testing the waters of the Great Lakes :)
Date: 1997 June 28
Where: Mackinac Bridge, MI
Taken by: Jana Sochor

Don't tell me!! I know what 2+2 is! I'll think of it soon!
| Joe was playing around with his new toy...
| ... a digital camera
| Taken at the Pizza Stop, Redlands, CA
Date: 1997 Oct 05
Taken by: Joe Maier

| Graduation photo
Date: 1998 June 14
Taken by: California Commencements

| Diploma (B.S. Physics)


Some of my Art


This is the drawing people tend to like the most for some reason.
| Sketch I began after James and I
| went to Mexico to see a solar eclipse in 1991
Date: 1991 July 11 - 1994 Sept 20

[rose.jpg] [crose.jpg] [20000412_Rose_WSG.jpg]

The Jana Series
This is my test subject for trying out new media/techniques.
| 1) Original rose I drew for Jana's birthday (delivered late)
| 2) An exploration in color.
| 3) A test using a water-soluble graphite (similar to watercolor) (image height 12in / 30cm)
Dates: 1994 Nov, 1995 Feb 28, 2000 Apr 12

[rose3.jpg] [rose2.jpg]

I went through a rose phase at one point... don't ask :).
| After I drew the above rose for Jana and liked how it turned out,
| I decided to draw others. These two were given to my mother for Mother's Day
Dates: 1994 Nov, 1994 Dec 26, 1995 Feb 11, 1995 Feb 28


This is one of my favorites.
| Sketch of a combination of two lighthouses in Oregon
| Drawn while Jana and I were driving through OR
Date: 1997 June 21


I like turtles.
| This is a sketch I did in the margin of my notebook one night.
Date: 1999 Mar 11 (ignore the '98' on the sketch... it was a mistake.)


Sketched Turtle
The Turtle Moves!
| Taken from a postcard of a painted turtle (ergo the title).
| I started this one when a good friend (Lisa) left Argonne.
| I lost confidence in drawing the head, but finally finished it a half a year later :)
Date: 2000 Mar 29


Tom Part II: The Adventure Continues

Dan Burke, Warren Stratton, James McNeill, Tom Elmer, and Greg Snoke

Brought to you by Snapple,
[Snapple Endorsement]
enjoyed by physics majors all over the world.
(Endorsed by Nathan Byrd, Islam Abudayyeh, and Tom Elmer.)


Caution: Friend Crossing

[Crystal's Picture]
Crystal 'Grandpa' Kornucik
Let's see, they call her Grandpa, she has adopted me, and she is alphabetically first in my friends here :)
For adopting me, she has to eat more Big Macs (No pickles or sauce please)
(Too bad the adopt-a-vegetarian page is no longer up.)
O what a tangled web we weave... -Sir Walter Scott

[Dan's Picture] [Dan at the Shrine] [Dan's w/ Spikes]
Dan 'outre' Burke
Bow to the Danical One!!!! Muahahahahah :)
Someone who would appreciate the Kooks Museum
Check for the real news at
One of these days he will actually send me copies of the magazine he publishes...

[Doug's Picture]
Doug Allen Walter
Computer Science, Walla Walla College, 1997
Now working at Microsoft
It is by will alone I put my mind in motion - Dune
Married Marie Goos 1997 Jun 29

[Top Secret]
Islam Abudayyeh
(*TOP SECRET* surveillance photo of Omani Attack Chicken passing an F-16)
The Grey One requires no obsequities - unless you don't want to meet a chicken
(Since I revealed this photo, a poultry-geist attack threat has been made to me)
Going back to southern CA soon...

[James's Picture?] [James Reading] [James and Tom]
James McNeill
(Temporarily out of order as darkforce is upgraded)
Computer Science, Walla Walla College, 1996
Now in the Computer Science department at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Formerly at Westwood Studios (Not browser friendly)
Blade Runner is out, so I don't have to be cryptic anymore!
(Can you spot the non-computer programmer in this picture?)
(Ok, so maybe the picture is of his dog Sonny.)
Married Mendi - 1998 Jul 05

[Jana's Picture] [Jana's Rose] [Jana in England]
Jana Sochor
Math, La Sierra University, 1997
(Now at The University of Linköping in Sweden ... see Magnus)
(That's a rose I drew for her birthday.)
Words are very unnecessary
(Then again, there's always that ONE word...) :)

[Joe's Picture] [Joe Under Palm]
Joe Maier
Barstow Community College, 1995
'I am taking applications for my harem... any takers?'
Confucius say: Swiss-army-knives are evil... evil I say!
Now living somewhere in the midwest :)

[Paranoid? Me?]
Luke 'Elric' DuChaine
Electronics Engeering Technology, ITT Technical Institute, 1994
Watch out for Shadows, they move, when you're not looking at them - Babylon 5

[Magnus' Picture] [Rocky Ingmarsson]
Magnus 'The Emperor' Ingmarsson (see Jana)
Cognitive Science, The University of Linköping, Sweden
o/~ In just seven days I can make you a maaan o/~
Did you hear the joke about Intel and Microsoft filing for bankruptcy?

[Warren and Maria's Picture]
Warren 'Jaleem' Stratton and wife Maria
French / Spanish, University of California - Riverside, 1997
Sympathy cards were given 1996 Dec 22
(Some of us know his True Love .)


Other Friends with Homepages

| David Sowder | Kari Homan | Lara Scarberry | Nathan McNeill | Regan M. Yeldell |



[Elmer Family]
Elmer family reunion, 1999 July

[Kathy's Picture]
Kathy Elmer (mother)
Just another nut on the family tree :)
(This is one of the best pictures I've taken of her.)

[Charlotte's Picture]
Charlotte Geier (aunt and co-conspirator)
Artwork on display at: Elfwood: Lothlorien, Zone47;
Poetry at Elfwood

[Ralph's Picture] [Ralph's Picture #2]
Ralph F. Waddell III (cousin)
'WHAT?! The Marines isn't an underwater FRPG?? I was tricked!!'


Other Family with E-mail

| David Stephenson | Lynn Robins (cousin) |


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