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Tom Elmer's Trillian skin, Dream of the BlueTurtles.

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Feeling the blues... Look in config.dtd to set skin preferences. (Also comes in Red and Green, with lighter variations!)

BlueTurtle has been converted to a STIXE theme. This means less work for me updating between versions. Since SETi is my main technology testbed, maintaining BlueTurtle as a pure SkinXML skin is no longer really a top priority (or necessary). This also allows me to test out firsthand the nuances of STIXE.

Themes will be upcoming....

BlueTurtle skin files
Core features
2006.07.11 - 125.71 KB
Current release version of BlueTurtle (3.1.3) Converted to STIXE for Trillian 3.x support. Graphics are completely recreated for this version, so it's not identical to the original, but it's pretty darn close.
2006.07.11 - 135.62 KB
Brown theme.
2006.07.11 - 132.98 KB
Green theme.
2006.07.11 - 136.64 KB
Slate grey theme.
2006.07.11 - 136.9 KB
Pink theme.
Pro Plugins
User Submitted Plugins
Historical Versions
2006.07.11 - 1.09 MB
Preview First ideas... When I first had the idea for the skin, I was using MBG, so I used that skin as a base for it. However, it couldn't do the things I wanted, so I decided to rewrite the whole things from scratch. This is a copy of the skin when it was still on MBG code.
2006.07.11 - 885.31 KB
First official version released on Cerulean Studios, 20020124.
2006.07.11 - 1.09 MB
Added features such as Active Buddy, etc. (Last 'official' release on DeviantArt.)
2006.07.11 - 824.23 KB
Final 'official' version of BlueTurtle Classic.
2006.07.12 - 1.17 MB
Pre-Release version (never 'released'). Adds profiles, plugins, Trillian Pro features. You must download The Configurator above to configure it
2006.07.12 - 1.81 MB
This is just a zip of my BT 2.0 directory. It includes some new themes and some 2.0 medium support. Trillian Basic and Pro 1.0 users can still use it. For pro 1.0/2.0 features, be sure to enable the appropriate plugin in The Configurator. Since this isn't a cleaned up distro, you should delete this before installing newer versions. Use The Configurator to configure it.
(Historical) Schemes/Plugins for all users
2006.07.11 - 111.2 KB
GreyTurtle modpack: This modpack os for the BlueTurtle (0.7x) skin above (not the one on Then, unzip this file to your skins directory (It will put the files in the BlueTurtle directory.) Edit the config.dtd file and put "Grey" as the color (near the end of the file, in the "Miscellaneous" section.) ScreenCap
2006.07.11 - 323.82 KB
modpack for MD's emoticons for BlueTurtle 0.7x .. don't expect instructions right now :) (Note: for BlueTurtle 1.0, use the Global SkinPlugins.)
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