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NOTE: As of 2000 Sep 28, this page has been deprecated. It kept here only for historical reasons. The new page can be found at:


Here's the simplest way to contact me through most browsers. If you can't use this method, or if you're looking for my Argonne address, look below.

NOTE: This form is no longer operational until my cgi access is restored on Darkforce. Try one of the methods below.

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Other Methods

(In case you are not using a forms compatible browser.) Try one of the following methods of contacting me. I really DO want to hear from you. :)

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Argonne Address

Tom Elmer
Argonne National Lab
9700 S. Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439-4825

(I'm actually living elsewhere, but the above is my mailing address.)

off-hours phone: 630-734-3763
emergency (i.e. lab) phone: 630-252-5628

I also have a PO Box here which is where I'd prefer to receive letters, etc., but won't accept UPS deliveries.

Tom Elmer
Argonne National Lab
9700 S. Cass Ave. / #8374
Argonne, IL 60439-4871

See Tom @ ANL for a site map, etc.

Permanent Address

Well, I don't really have a permanent address right now, so I list my Argonne address. As soon as I get the lease to my apartment in my name I'll use that address. My mom no longer lives in Highland, CA, but you can send mail to:

Tom Elmer II
c/o Kathy Elmer
34 S. Garo Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Send e-mail to
(if that doesn't work, try
(Last resorts:, )

Note: Juno won't take files over 64K in size or handle attachments.

Online Methods

*NOTE* The following are going to be unreliable compared to e-mail while I'm at Argonne.

To see my connection information (IP address, online status), check here.

IRC: When I'm online, I'm usually logged on to an Undernet server. I go by the nicks of DkLt or ShdwVrln.


I'm a MUSH fan so you can usually find me at SACMUSH ( 4201), or TinyCWRU ( 4201) as Shadow of Light, Tometheus, or Father O'Riley depending on my mood :) (Check here for MUSH help)

I also go to some EW-Too Talkers to see some friends as well. Check at Resort ( 2323) or FootHills ( 2010) as SirTom.

Via ICQ: (11189737)

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Other Online Forms: I do go to other things occasionally, (i.e. PowWow: but it's usually better to check on IRC/ICQ or one of the others above to get me to go there. (I have some online games too to play if interested :)


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