The iconpack is released! Release Thread

A Halloween iconpack of course :D Trying to find things that somewhat resemble the native icons. Then I'm going to try to recreate them in the same style of the native icon. (except maybe the bat for MSN... It's in roughly the same position as the butterfly, but I'm not going to do the color thing.. bats are black :D (Well, ok, we'll look at colors at least) (The pack is a halloween treat for Tomethicons users, so opinions based on 'other' iconpacks will be taken with a grain of salt :D)

Progress so far:
The 'pack is essentially done now. I just need to add a few things to the installer and it will be official. (OK, and maybe create some new system icons) (And finish fleshing out the story)

For those keeping track of the progress:
I decided on a compromise between the white skull and the yellow skull and I think it's better for it.
I also decided on the bat with the trailing MSN colors.
For Sametime, I'm using the moon right now.. with a wolf howling in front of it in the Online state. Still not totally convinced, but it looks OK. I was thinking about making it a blue moon to match sametime, but it's not quite right

OK, so I have the base icons all ready now... Now I'm doing some updates on some other stuff then I'll release a stixe patch to support iconpack extensions. Then hopefully have a release party for Necro.

Part of the party will be the release of a story I'm working on for the iconpack... with an invitation for others to submit their stories around it.

My IRC Chats icons:

In action:

NecronomIcons installer
Be sure to install the STIXE patch (included) and set your icon view to 'off' to get full enjoyment out of the 'pack :D